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The role of a mother is infinitely complex and one of pure tenderness, compassion, nurturance, transformation and in essence the epitome of art & creation.

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Starts May 25th 2022
Mama you the one you've been searching for ... 

Mothers throughout history have been worshipped, revered, analysed and even criticised. Every one of us was created through the wondrous workings of a woman's body; each of us has a mother. But being a mother is more than a biological concept. We have entered a new paradigm - we know we are the ones we've been searching for. The ones ready to brave the wilderness of creating new narratives, the mothers called to heal so we break the chains of cycles to give birth to anew. This world feels both a burden and a blessing, we are bridging gaps and re-writing stories for ourSELVES and our families. This is the rise of the matriarch and she is gloriously beautiful, grounded and wholehearted. She feels chaos and calm, rage and deep love.

She is within you and she is within me. We each stand here, walking each other sacredly home. 

Together we will explore ...

  • How motherhood changes us

  • The medicine and depth of LOVE

  • Mamahood as a spiritual practise

  • Untangling the mother wound & inner child hunger

  • Maiden to Mother ... the journey & rebirth

  • The drowning of SELF & reclamation of WORTH

  • What do they need? Who do we BE?

  • Nurturing our nervous systems for whole heart centred living

  • The SOUL of owning our mothering wholeness (the liminal spaces)


This is a co-created experience of exploration, activation, deep self reflection & sharing.


A haven to nourish the depths of the invocation of owning and liberating yourSELF as MOTHER.


She who knows she is the one she

has been searching for.


She who knows she is the catalyst for the change she wishes to see.


She who is breaking cycles and breathing generational healing into new pathways through birthing & nurturing new life.

she who was heart centred

& soul minded

gave birth to the epitome of creation

she nurtured and nourished

herSELF as whole

she was liberated through


breaking cycles and rewriting narratives

returned to remembering she was who she was looking for.

She was MOTHER.

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Whats Included:

  • 8 week potent & poetic group container 

  • 8 LIVE explorations, musings & activations.

  • Online portal with bonus meditations.

  • Downloadable PDF journals for each module

  • Discussion/Sharing group throughout

  • Community & Connection 

  • Nervous System Breathwork 

  • Somatic Connection Exercise Audio

  • Replays for LIFE



$170 X 3 monthly payments


VIP includes 1:1 VOXER for 8 weeks plus

2 x 1:1 Sessions 


$550 x 3 monthly payments

Anchor 1

Charmaine Newmark
The Nourished Naturopath

Reflecting on the incredible journey I have been on since coming across beautiful Tara. Ive never met any one as deeply authentic and rooted in her vision and intuition and its so empowering to witness. Deliciously sovereign and wise. Thankyou for shining your light queen x


Rani Bessi 
Mother, Counsellor & Space Holder


I feel so blessed to have crossed paths with this beautiful soul. Tara Lee emanates genuine compassion, the atmosphere she provides in session is warm, wholehearted and safe, completely present, deeply loving and encouraging of self - reflection and self - responsibility. Her guidance feels intuitive yet completely relatable which for me has provided tremendous insight, strength and growth so much so that I keep going back for more..... Tara Lee is one of those people you meet in life that you never forget just how they made you feel.


Emily Jo
Mother, Teacher & Maker

Tara gifts the sincere and empowering opportunity for the individual to find their own way through their healing. What Tara offers is truly unique and treasured. A beautiful expression of her unique intuitive gifts and her ability to be completely, completely present. Go see for yourself, her gifts are not to be passed by

I am woman, mother, & artist.
A heart centred visionary, a potent mentor, sacred space curator & mind body therapist. 

I nurture my children's wholeness, love on their becoming. I make art, live love, write poetry. I make embodied quick decisions, I trust my knowing. I create programs, experiences , spaces and sacred commitments.


Becoming a mother and birthing my first child almost 11 years was the revealing rebirth of myself. Maiden to Mother the catalyst of my purest and realest truths - a journey I have loved and been equally bought to my knees by. It is wild and wise to choose to deeply enter the haven of motherhood consciously. 

I invent and design experiences so we can meet at the intersection of mysticism and pragmatism, success and ease, momentum and intention, effort and grace, service and nourishment. This space is created energetically and emotionally. It isn't about teaching you anything, rather it is about connecting deeper within you to nurture the seedlings awaiting to sprout. 

We as women hold the torch in our homes and our hearts for potent and powerful becomings. The weight at times of knowing ourselves, and owning our role can feel somewhat isolating and disconnecting. I believe in essence and truth our wholeness is always there, and we must choose it. This 8 weeks is a journey of nourishment, inner nurture, reflection and conscious community and connection. Here we will peel back the layers so it doesn't have to be hard and serious, but rather graceful and beautiful in all the shades that we dance in motherhood. 

The space will be curated and held, and equally a commune of co-creation with YOU. I look forward to meeting you around our virtual fire to explore, muse, activate and discuss our deeper mothering truths to re-write anew. 


A mother never stops growing, never stops becoming more motherly, & more of her TRUE SELF.

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