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Revolutionary MUSE
mastermind & mentorship

It’s time to make a potent choice

To shift the trajectory of your life

To breathe & be what you wish to see

To go from visions, to embodied leader.

From dabbler – to committed REVOLUTIONARY.



IT IS time to,

Embody Your Leadership

Re-mother yourSELF
Step Into Your TRUE Power

Own your ART & Medicine for the WOLRD

Regulate your NERVOUS system

Navigate your Emotions in your BODY
Execute Your Visions with clarity & ease
Lead From The Heart
Build Your Dream Team
Be seen by seeing yourSELF
Heart Centred Impact

Creation for Service not just profit 

Speak & Trust your TRUTH

Regaining self empowerment 

Harmonising Masculine & Feminine 

Decolonising Systems 
…and support people around you to step into the

greatest versions of themselves.

In Revolutionary MUSE; we become the artists, the art, the medicine, story tellers, creators, leaders, change-makers and visionaries for embodied business & leadership for the New Earth.

I will start here by being transparent with you. With pure heart this page is not going to be filled with too much information about this experience.


I have learn't on my journey of life, creation, motherhood and business that all things true lie between knowing and trusting. Meaning the mysteries, the magnetic thrusts that propel beyond the logic mind and call you deep into trusting your heart, body and soul are the spaces where truth, magic and medicine uprises. 

This is not ONLY about specific results. I don't live there in that space of basing my wholeness on my structured successes. The potency of truly working in spaces with me is that is luminal, the bonuses are intrinsic, rupturing, radical and so rawly impactful on all aspects of your life and being. This is the ART I yearn to see more of in the world. 

This is not a linear mastermind, this is a liminal master-space.

Those that enter the river and build harvest their river bank, who dance on the dance-floor, play in the arena and trust the mysterious magnetism that brought them here, are those that are willing to suspend themselves into the beauty of all that comes their way - the alchemical harmonious blend of emotionality, embodiment, mystery, magic, quantum, energetics, strategy, stories, earthed mechanics, river bank building, masculine & feminine polarity, old, new and unseen.

This is minimum of 6 months of creation, business and vision, is really an investment in the totality of YOU.


Here in the revolution of the MUSE we are whole, we are fluid, we are aware, and integrated in our systems and consciousness. You can feel the pulse right?! 


The conversation, curriculum & musings will include:

 + Kinesiology & Soul Centre Exploration

abundance &  prosperity, reciprocity, nourishment, making money with ease, creation, beliefs, nervous system regulation, healing our stories  ...

+ Soul Strategy 

business models, coherence vs hustle, power vs force, structures to magnetise, leading with you, container energetics, emotions as guidance tools, 

+ Sacred Artistry

stories as art, crafting stories to bring your business alive,  power of storytelling, embodying the visions, breathing creation open through SELF

+ Wizardry (words, invocations, structures)

expression, speaking, crafting a riverbank without losing the medicine, fluid structures, speaking in alignment with your TRUTH 

+ Mapping Your Medicine & Art

plan making, seeding new worlds, becoming, time management, support systems etc

+ Quantum & Energetics 

playing in the quantum field, energetics in the body and in the world to decolonise and create

+ Actioning Visions

bringing the future to you NOW, BEING your word, your creation, your ideas


+ Creation Haven

launches, product development,  crafting the right ideas, romancing audiences, seducing creativity to birth, money & heart

+ Nourishment & Depth

seasons, cycles, home harmony, legacy, sustainable creativity, embodied leadership, rewriting narratives, breaking cycles, breath, masculine & feminine 


A weekly 60 min Group Call. Bring whats ALIVE in you, no realm off limits.  


Every fortnight we'll create together. LIVE immersive "GET IT DONE"  action the art that is on your heART. From structure to craft. Create, clear the to-do list. Show up & shine - together.


Open INBOX Fridays.

Tara's VM & Texts inbox is open for on the spot questions and mentoring.


+ Group MUSE Chat Channel to connect as called.

+ Community Connection Calls to co-create. 

+ CLOSE friends on INSTA (a daily muse and connection point for conversation)

A creative coven of aligned heart led creatives.

you will receive ...


Monthly LIVE intuitive group energy balance & breath-work session


Library of resources from internal to external. Access to all previous programs & NEW programs ran whilst inside this space. Meditations, Workbooks, Breathwork sessions.


Plus NEW recorded monthly masterclasses.

Worth over $11000


3 day quarterly/seasonal online immersions with guest speakers and teachers.

Worth over $3k each. 



everything PLUS,

1 X 2HR deep dive per month 

Unlimited Voice message and text support 

PLUS extra sessions as needed (not capped)

When LEADERS heal, when ARTISTS heal they change the world with their medicine & art.​

I see you, I feel you - truly. 

I know it can feel deeply challenging to know and trust how to lead and grow yourSELF, your ideas, vison's and business from a space of real embodiment, depth and real care whilst you also honour the totality of your pleasure and desires. We often feel like something has to give in order to fulfil a dream. The thing is the new earth, your integrated nervous system, your life, relationships and creations all get to be medicinal, magic and pleasurable. 

You do not have to abandon yourSELF, or try on someone else, or hide behind the mask of being someone you are not in order to generate real leading impact or to receive everything you yearn to see in the world. Here you are welcomed in the totality of YOU, and you get to CHOOSE. 

I am an artist at heart, a visionary,
a potent intuitive mentor, sacred space curator & embodiment coach

I nurture my children's wholeness, love on their becoming. I make art, live love, write poetry. I make embodied quick decisions, I trust my knowing. I create programs, experiences , spaces and sacred commitments.


As a creative entrepreneur and a mind-body-soul alchemist with a practice background and over 10 years of experience holding and facilitating trauma-informed spaces for healing, I bring with me a unique and integrative approach to this deep and sacred work. 

I deeply trust in my clients inner wisdom and medicine, and although I guide and lead powerful spaces I see myself as a guides that ignites the natural healer, revolutionary and truth within you so that you can then transmute and embrace your own power in its wholeness and aliveness. 

Over the past 17 years I have lead national events & projects in health education & social change. Generated philanthropic  awareness and created impactful brands. From corporate projects to creative start ups and brick and mortar business my experience is vast. 

I invent and design experiences so we can meet at the intersection of mysticism and pragmatism, success and ease, commerce and magnetism, momentum and intention, effort and grace, service and nourishment. You will FEEL me, and know. x


this is a potent & poetic space to master the art that beats from your heART

You are the MUSE, the ART & THE ARTIST.
You are the LEADER, the MEDICINE & the MAGIC

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Ready to MUSE 




$575 per month for 6 months


1:1 Supported includes

1:1 VOXER 1 x monthly deep dive and sessions as needed 




$1555 per month for 6 months


Mary Howarth,
Mentor & Team Leader

I joined Amplify knowing the energy that Tara brings to a space and I wasn’t disappointed. Amplify was such a beautiful space that allowed me to explore my edges, to find what was in my way, to learn why it was there, how to see it and not make it wrong but to choose differently in each moment. I don’t really know that I have words that do this space justice, it was just the perfect combination of masculine structure to create riverbanks, combined with beautiful feminine healing energy. All of me was welcome in the space and the women that were on this ride with me were often the perfect mirrors to be able to see something that was playing out in me from the outside with different lenses. It was such a transformative space. Tara, I can’t thank you enough for trusting the nudges and creating such a magic space 💖 



Whitney Geoghegan, Women's Mentor & Breathwork Practitioner 

Where to even begin. Over the last sixteen weeks within amplify I have truly been able to come home to myself, reclaim my power and my truth. I have ran a two day immersion, quit my job, created things I never imagined i would, pushed so many edges, taken huge leaps of faith, I even moved states to start all over again. I have become more intimate with my emotions and been able to welcome them instead of resist them. I have been able to open my heart and tune into my soul. I have gotten closer to my body and allowed her wisdom to guide me - this in itself is huge for me. I have been able to truly fall in love with the women i am. To have tara guide me on this journey was an honour - I have never felt so seen, nurtured, heard, supported and honoured. She is a true embodiment of a leader, a healer and an empowered women who stands in her truth and her authenticity. Taras knowledge and wisdom is impeccable and I have learnt so much just by her sharing her truth. Tara is transparent and this is what I love the most because it allows me to be really understood as I can relate on so many levels, she also cuts through all the BS and brings the human element back into the healing journey which is so refreshing and grounding. I invested in the VIP option and by far this was a potent container in which propelled me forward and really allowed me to AMPLIFY ! I adored every single mastermind and it quickly became the highlight of my week, not only did tara guide you with her wisdom and magic but she also had guest coaches to facilitate masterminds and allowed them to share their gifts. I loved being able to connect with and be on a journey with like minded women who are there to support you 24/7 and keep you accountable. Amplify literally gave me everything I needed and was beyond was I expected to receive within a program. From my whole entire heart and being I am so grateful to of been apart of Amplify and for you tara! I admire you so much and I love you so much.



Michelle Berger, Meditation Guide & Teacher

I just love working with Tara Lee and have been a participant in a number of her online programs and many in-person events but I think that her Amplify program is my most favourite one yet. This 4 month journey has cracked me open in so many unexpected ways and I have been able to get to know myself so much better, how I work in the world and envision who I want to be, as I continue my human experience. There is just so much goodness in this program and you can participate at the level that suits you. There is so much support with an online portal, weekly group ZOOM sessions, Voxer chats, both group and 1:1 options and the VIP option includes weekly 1:1 sessions with Tara as well. Tara is such an incredible space holder and a gifted ideas generator. She sees the vision and will provide the scaffolding to allow you to create and birth the next version of yourself and/or your business/product whatever it is you are wanting to get out into the world, even if you don’t quite know what that is yet. I also loved the group format of this program. It was such an honour and delight to sit alongside an intimate group of likeminded women to be held and witnessed through our break throughs and transformations that occurred during our time together. If you are looking to up level any part of your life be it your soul driven business or diving deep into your personal development journey then Amplify with Tara Lee might just be the program for you.



Ellie Gwynne, Coach

I first entered Tara’s world through a free masterclass. I remember being gutted at the time because I had made a pact with myself for no more investments for a while but my soul just knew I HAD to journey with her. Amplify finished 4 months ago now and I am STILL receiving the magic that was in that space. Tara’s work can feel subtle but the shifts that are happening and what you are able to EMBODY in her spaces are POTENT. She has a natural ability to mirror back to you exactly what needs healing or expanding in order to continue to grow and evolve into the the human you are here to be. After journeying with Tara in different ways over 7 months I truly left her space with a sovereignty inside of my body I never knew was possible. I now LEAD my life purely from soul-nudges and heart. A space I always dreamed of living from but not one I thought would be this accessible. Tara holds the SAFEST spaces which enable you to lean into areas that may have felt unaccessible in the past. Thank you Tara, I continue to marinate in your incredible healing and expansions every day. You are a true true gift to this world. I would highly recommend getting this woman in your space.


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